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Name:Anya Corazon || Spider-Girl
Birthdate:May 24
OOC Information:
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IC Information:
Name: Anya Sofia Corazon (alias Araña and Spider-Girl)
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Timeline: Directly after Onslaught Unleashed #4
Age: 18
Petite and muscular. Pretty average Hispanic skin tone. Long, slightly unruly, reddish-brown hair. Tends to dress a little grunge/punky, and keeps her hair back in a ponytail. Her costume is a black one-piece leotard-like suit (think Spider-Man) which leaves only the lower half of her face and her hair uncovered. It has a large white stylized spider design on both the front and back.

Anya is currently not super-powered. She is a gymnast and has good upper-body strength especially. She is good at climbing and parkour-like activities, and also uses her bolero to swing across distances too far for her to jump. She can also be INFINITELY annoying by asking all sorts of prying questions, if she has a mind to. Plus some snark, as is all-but-required for superheroes of the spider persuasion.

Anya is not an exceptionally complicated person. She's curious and loves to learn things, is generally cheerful, outgoing, and kind of dorky. She gets pretty much all of that from her dad, though she remembers her mother being a happy person as well. She's loyal to her friends and family. She helps people and does the superhero thing because it's the right thing to do, in her opinion. Even when she wasn't really sure about registering and being trained by SHIELD, she stuck it out partly because of Carol (who she'd already begun to look up to) and partly because she really did want to keep helping people. After she lost her powers, she couldn't stay away from being a hero - she was sort of dragged back into it, but she doesn't regret it a bit.

Anya hates bullies. She's got a temper, and if you really piss her off, she will try to make you regret it even if she's completely outclassed - before she was ever a hero or had any sort of combat training, she would pick fights with guys 2 or 3 times her size because they were being bullies and she wasn't going to put up with it. The easiest way to piss her off is to hurt or threaten someone she cares about - even when her mother was the only person she'd lost, she wasn't about to put up with anyone else she loved getting hurt, but after the loss of Miguel it just intensified. Since she's lost both her father and her best friend in close succession recently, she'll be even more hair-trigger with stuff like that. She tries to keep people at arms' length even while she's friendly, because people she loves keep getting hurt or killed, but she's very bad at it. If you become part of her family, you will NEVER get rid of her.

Her normal cheerfulness has been somewhat dulled, lately, because of the loss of her father and best friend so recently, though she does her best to put on a happy face most of the time. Her protectiveness is in overdrive, so she'll both fuss over the people she cares about more than usual and be that much quicker to attack (physically or verbally) anyone who gives them shit/hurts them/threatens them. She will even out somewhat given some time. Then again, this is Fac... so maybe not. ;)

Anya was born in Puerto Rico, though she spent a good deal of her childhood in Mexico City. Her father was an investigative journalist working to expose crime in the city. When Anya was six, her mother was murdered by an unknown culprit. After her mother's death, her father immigrated them to New York City, specifically Brooklyn, where Anya grew up. Her father improved his English and resumed working as an investigative journalist, and managed to become friends with the Fantastic Four over the years. Anya grew up into a curious (and kind of nosy) young woman with a blazing temper. Throughout middle school, she ended up picking fights with all sorts of bullies, and getting in trouble a little more than her father would've liked, though she was a solid B student (except in Math). Her very first day of high school started with some burly jock trying to threaten and intimidate her best friend, Lynn. Despite her size, she got in his face, and a proper fight would've broken out if teachers hadn't intervened. Anya impulsively told the jock she'd see him under a nearby park bridge that evening to "finish this", and he laughingly agreed.

While on her way to meet him, she accidentally got involved in a battle between the Mage of Webcorps (a man named Miguel) and some members of the Sisterhood of the Wasp. She got between the Sisterhood and Miguel to protect him, and was fatally stabbed. Miguel drove the Sisterhood off and performed a ritual to save Anya's life, giving her a spider tattoo and special powers, making her Webcorps' Hunter, the flip side (and needed partner) of the Mage. She took the name Araña for her work with them.

Though Anya spent months working with Webcorps, her career with them ended with Miguel dead and Anya releasing the power of the Hunter to the intended Hunter. She still retained her tattoo and her ability to form a magical carapace of sorts around her body, armoring her. She continued to patrol the city as Araña, while also working an after-school job and not informing her father about her activities.

After the Superhero Registration Act was passed, just before her 16th birthday, she was tracked down as an unregistered superhero by Wonderman and Ms. Marvel. Despite her father initially being against the idea of her registering and training, and using her powers at all (due to the danger), Anya convinced him that she couldn't sit by and let bad people do bad things if she could stop them, registered, and began training under Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. Carol and Anya became very close throughout the mentoring, to the point that Anya considered Carol to be like a mother to her. After a particular fight where she dove in against Carol's orders to try to help and protect her mentor, her carapace was destroyed, nearly killing her and taking away the last of her super-human powers and leaving her as a non-powered human.

After recovering, Anya resumed hero work, and discovered another teenaged hero working in the same area called Nomad. After a bit of stalking reconnaissance, Anya attempted (badly) to help Nomad in a fight. Despite Nomad's insistence that she didn't want any help, Anya decided to make it up to her by assisting in Nomad's investigation. Eventually, Nomad both discovered Anya's secret identity and grew fond of the other girl, agreeing to partner again with Araña and transferring to Anya's school, revealing herself as Rikki Barnes.

Rikki and Anya became close friends and partners, and did a lot of crime fighting together. While working with Spider-man at some point, Anya came into possession of Arachne's (a retired hero) old costume - it was at this point that people started mistakenly calling her Spider-Girl, and eventually she just stopped trying to correct them, and while she still considers herself Araña, she has mostly adopted the Spider-Girl moniker. She and Rikki made some allies in the other young heroes Gravity, Firestar, and Toro; though they didn't form a team as Rikki had hoped.

A few weeks prior to her canon point, her father and the Red Hulk (General Ross) were poisoned while researching a group called Raven. The poison killed her father and drove the Red Hulk temporarily insane. The Fantastic Four responded to the commotion caused by the Red Hulk, and Anya eventually arrived only to find her father already dead, crushed (she thought) in the building collapse caused by the Red Hulk. She engaged him briefly in a poorly-thought-out fight, until the Fantastic Four helped get the situation under control.

Grieving, she confronted Ross and learned the truth about her father's death. Anya started an investigation, trying to track the group down and learn their purpose and get revenge for her father's death. While still in the midst of the investigation, Toro was kidnapped, and Rikki believed it was tied to a series of nightmares she'd been having. Steve Rogers took a team to Colombia to both try to find the source of Rikki's ominous nightmares and to hopefully rescue Toro, but forbid Rikki from coming. Rikki disagreed, and convinced Anya, Gravity, and Firestar to come help her rescue Toro. Though they found Toro, and the older heroes who'd already come down, Rikki's arrival was just what the being sending her the nightmares wanted. Rikki became possessed by Onslaught, who wanted to return to the reality he'd been banished from, so he could kill off humanity. Rikki managed to regain control long enough to tell them that the only way to stop him would be to completely destroy her, and asked Gravity to basically pull her apart into atoms. Left with no choice, Gravity did as she asked, as Anya watched, unable to save her.

On the way back to the States, Anya fell asleep in the aircraft that they were riding in, and woke up in the Facility.

Anya's full app for [community profile] a_facility can be found here.
Her permissions post is here.
Her HMD post is here.
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